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Every year termites cause damages worth billions of dollars,they feed primally on wood but they damage papers, books and other materials in the house and the environment surrounding it.

lt is therefore very important to protect and control the termites from attacking and feasting on our most important and largest investment. Incase of atack we should know exactly what we should do.

How do you know that your house is infested? one of the signs that a house is infested is earthen tubes/mud tubes extendind over several parts of the house like,the support piers,foundation walls and floor joints.

Another sign that a house is infested by ants is emergence of ants from foundation of a house.

Termite treatment One can treat termite by themselves or can hire a proffesional to do it as ridding a termite house requires special skills. 

Firstly identifying critical areas in the house where termites may enter is important, most of this areas are diffficult to access as they are hidden special tools are also required such as ,large capercity tanks ,pumps,drills,soil treatment rods,hundread of gallons of a liquid pestiside which are known as termiticides are required for a typical treatment.

This liquid is injected in to the ground though several areas such as beneath concrete slubs, foundation and the foundation walls.

There are two main termite control methods , the liquids and baits,the liquid termicides have been around for decades, they are purposed for a long term protection and teratment once apllied they are to protect the house from termites for as long as 5 years.

Some treats repel the termites after it has been applied but others are lithal . Modern termiticides are non repellent and any termite that come to the zone are killed immediately.

Baiting is a broad treatment category, termite baits may include, palatable foods,paper or even cardboard combined with slow acting substance which is lithal to termites.

This baits are put strategic places in the is very important to carefull select the company from which you buy the product to use.

To make sure that the termiticide you use is effective.some times one may need to apply the chemical more than once as some times th products may fail to work due to differnt reasons.

Some time many peaple who are concern with their health or worry about their pets health are advised to use bait as they only affect the tergeted anirnal.

But bait method is so complex and thus needs a experiencedperson/technician,theyshould be backed by a pest control firm.

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